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Manuscript preparation

Checking files

After converting your manuscript text and figures to a single PDF file, carefully review a printed copy. Indeed, this PDF file will be used through the whole editorial process.

Name your files with the corresponding author last name, as follows:

- lastname_man.doc (manuscript)
- lastname_man.pdf (manuscript)
- lastname_gab.doc (graphical abstract)
- lastname_fig01.eps, lastname_fig02.tif ...
- lastname_sch01.cdx, lastname_sch02.cdx ...
- lastname_cha01.eps, lastname_cha02.tif ...

Note: the fi le name should have a maximum of 12 characters without spaces followed by the appropriate extension .doc or .pdf.

Have following items ready for your online manuscript submission:

- cover letter
- graphical abstract (as a MS Word file)
- manuscript (both as a MS Word fi le and a PDF file)
- tables, equations (included in the MS Word file -- preparation of equations with MathType)
- graphics*, included in the manuscript and supplied as separate fi les (as EPS, TIFF or ChemDraw™ files)

* figures, charts, schemes, structures ... as well as the graphical abstract figure/scheme.

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